Our firm continuously strives to provide exceptional legal services to the business community, with strong commitment to the latter’s needs. In each case, we contribute our long - over 20 years - professional experience in commercial and civil law, our high sense of responsibility and integrity. Our firm is an active member of international organizations of law firms and has provided voluntarily its legal services to WWF and other NGO’s.

We are aware that the legal issues of our clients have a significant impact on their day-to-day proceedings and therefore, we act promptly and effectively. Our ambition is to relieve our clients from their legal concerns. In this context, we constantly keep our clients informed on the progress of their cases and prioritize the keys points of each case, considering the smallest detail. We share close ties with foreign law firms, while serving our clients with cross - border activities.

Well-known and pioneering in their fields companies, such as HYUNDAΙ GROUP,  UBER's partners,  BLUEGROUND, REMAX GROUP, TOI&MOI,  SIMOSFOODGROUP, SPUTNIK NEWS AGENCY, CΟΟΜΒΕΣ PROPERTY GROUP, TWB SA,  ADSTREAM GROUP have repeatedly entrusted their cases to our firm.

The positive outcomes of our litigation team, together with the successful representation of our clients in complex investment and commercial transactions, prove that we keep our promises. In 2019, 2020, 2023 our day-to-day efforts to realize our above-mentioned values, were rewarded as our firm received the first award in commercial law from three international organizations.

First and foremost, we strive to develop a professional environment that adds value to our clients, employees, associates and the communities, which we serve and in which we operate.


image-eidikeuomasteWe specialise in

  • Civil and Commercial Litigation.
  • Drafting and negotiating civil and commercial contracts.
  • Privacy and intellectual property cases.


We represent in

    • Civil and commercial courts.
    • Administrative courts.
    • Penal courts.


We advise on

    • Banking affairs.
    • Internet and e-commerce.
    • Consumer law disputes.


image-analamvanoumeWe undertake

    • Trademarks' and patents' filing and registration.
    • Establishment of companies and joint ventures.
    • Merger, demerger and dissolution of companies.